What is Xinyi Dao?

Xing Yi is one of the three major internal Chinese martial arts, along with Bagua and Tai Chi. Xing Yi is known as a very direct kung fu style, centering around five main moves, or elements. 

Our group prefers to keep things simple and straightforward, without any bowing or belts involved. And just like traditional martial artists in China, we practice outdoors in the park...although we do tend to rent a room for practicing in winter. 

Our aim is to provide a good workout in a relaxed and cooperative environment, so we try to stay focused on the practical function of our art. Push hands, or clinch grappling, is introduced to new students on the first day, along with self defense drills. Using internal martial arts is all about how you condition the body and follow principles of movement.

We’ve been practicing Xing Yi for more than 10 years under our teacher, Frank Wong. The Grandmaster of the style is Li Tai Liang, who lives and teaches out of New York. 

If you’re looking for some exposure to legitimate kung fu, join us on Saturdays in the park at the Good Shepherd Center in Seattle. With no overhead, no uniforms, and no belts, you won’t find a cheaper price.

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